The contracting sector in the United Arab Emirates is one of the mainstays of the national economy. This is a result of the increase in construction projects and reflects the size of investments in this field.

The construction boom has made it imperative to create channels to develop and improve building standards and increase efficiency. The state has therefore endorsed the establishment of specialized construction organizations to undertake this function. State officials are trying to support local potential as a cornerstone of the country’s development. The unlimited support provided by the state to the parties concerned is a proof of this plan of action which aims at achieving development in every field. This confirms the importance of construction organizations and public welfare departments in contributing to building and development, side by side with all the state’s institutions and official departments. Naturally, the aim is not to achieve some momentary gain and quick profit. The ultimate goal is to create a sound national economy as a basis for various development projects.

The UAE Contractors’ Association is one of the most prominent organizations in the state. It has shouldered a major part of the responsibility in every field of construction.

We are proud to point out the achievements and continuation of the UAE Contractors’ Association as one of the most active associations despite the obstacles and challenges to its work.

I am honored to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to my fellow Board of Directors who exerted effort and so much time to advance the activities and missions of the Association and promote its progress. I would also extend my thanks to the management that transform instructions and decisions into reality that we all applaud.

Wishing you all blessings and success,
Kind regards
Dr. Ahmad Saif Belhasa
Chairman, UAE Contractors’ Association