1. What is UAE Contractors Association (UAECA)?

UAE Contractors’ Association is a non- profit organization formed in 15 September 1985 under a decree number (137) 1985 from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

2. What are the objectives of the UAECA?

The principal objective of the UAECA is to strengthen the UAE construction industry and the construction contracting business so that they can sustain their positive role in the task of national development of the UAE. This overall objective is achieved by the following means:

  • (1) Assisting in constant up gradation of technology at the disposal of contractors.
  • (2) Serving as a common platform for contractors to fulfill their common interests and address the common challenges;
  • (3) Serving as platform for contractors to coordinate and interact with the federal and local authorities;
  • (4) Coordinate with association and organization in other countries to facilitate two - way exchange to trade, experiences and technology;
  • (5) Organize seminars, conferences and exhibitions designed to enhance knowledge and upgrade construction technology;
  • (6) Publish a technical magazine in Arabic and English to help initiate debate and disseminate information of construction technology;
  • (7) Cooperating between contracting companies and establishments in order to combine their efforts and thus improve the standard of their operations;

3. What are the achievements of the UAECA?

The UAECA has been able to register several achievements since its inception in September 1985. It has cooperated with municipalities and professional bodies to assist in continuing task of developing a building and safety code for the UAE construction industry. This function is executed through the UAECA’s Technical Consultative Committee.

The UAECA has placed the UAE in the focus of the international building officials’ community by the virtue if its prominent membership of the World Organization of Building officials (WOBO), an affiliate body of the United Nations. At present, the UAECA’s chairman is also the president of WOBO.

The UAECA is also an institutional member of the Federation of Arab Contractors and the Federation of Islamic Contractors.

The UAECA has signed protocols of cooperation with its counterparts in several countries including, China, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Canada, the UK and the USA. These protocols assist in flow of market and technical information between the UAE and the respective country for the benefit of industry on both the sides.

The UAECA serves as the Middle Eastern office of the International Marine Contractors Association which aims at improving safety standards in underwater projects.

In addition to the protocols of cooperation the UAECA also receives delegation from construction industries in other countries as well as send its own delegations abroad for the purpose of enhancing international cooperation in UAE construction industry.

4. Why join the UAECA?

The above makes obvious the benefits of joining the UAECA. In addition to all of the above, members enjoy the advantage of being in the mainstream of the contracting business which gives them valuable contacts for the benefit of their business.

Member gets a prestigious certificate of membership which entitles them to mention their membership on their website, company letterhead and all their promotion flyers and literatures. Membership of the UAECA lends confidence to the company in the UAE marketplace.

Membership entitles you to a free subscription to the bilingual Contractor’s News magazine from which you can source technical information on variety of relevant subjects as well as contribute your own papers for publication at the discretion of the editor.

Membership also entitles you to a free copy of the annual contractors’ directory which is a rich source of business contacts in the UAE construction industry. You will be entitled also to get free subscription of bilingual Tenders Circular from time to time and in addition you will get special offers on services and purchases related to the industry.

4. What are the benefits and services that UAECA provides to its members?

Below are some benefits and advantages provided to UAECA members:

  • Prestigious membership certificate
  • Free consultation on technical and legal issues to develop performance & solve problems
  • Conciliation & arbitration in engineering disputes between parties
  • Participation in the association’s meeting with higher authorities to solve contractors problems and concerns
  • Participation in seminars, conferences, exhibitions and training programs with nominal fees.
  • Promotion of individuals company in the association internet website & publication
  • Free subscription to the contractors news, the bilingual specialized magazine
  • Free subscription to the bilingual tender circular
  • Free subscription to the bilingual tender opening results
  • Free unique contractors & suppliers directory which contains the names & addresses of all the contracting companies & suppliers in the UAE
  • Participation in official delegations from the UAE construction industry
  • Involvement with the local , regional and international associations for technology transfer into sector
  • Special services and purchasing offers made to the associations’ members

5. How much is the membership fee?

Minimal membership fee is charged annually / renewable yearly based on the company category. Please send us a copy of your company trade license/chamber of commerce certificate to determine the membership fee for your company.

6. How to get in touch with UAECA?

The UAECA has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Please feel free to contact the UAECA Office nearest you:
Dubai office:
Al Ittihad Rd., Belhasa Building
Tel.: 04-2979559
Fax.: 04-2977848
P.O. Box.: 6226

Abu Dhabi Office:
Al Najda Street
Tel.: 02-4410445
Fax.: 02-4410449
P.O. Box.: 44925

Sharjah Office:
Al Qasba (Block F)
Tel.: 06-5567444
Fax.: 06-5567447
P.O. Box.: 26887

RAK Office:
RAK Chamber of Commerce
Tel.: 07-2264183
Fax.: 07-2338101
P.O. Box.: 6226 (DXB)

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